"Console Wars" Mixtape

by 8-Bit Mullet

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Console Wars is my first mixtape recorded live (mostly) using Serato software. The theme calls me back to a time when Sega Genesis and Nintendo commercials were going back and forth with the vigor and mudslinging of a presidential campaign. It includes a curation of nintendo remixes and video game remixes, and several video game mashups of my own device.

I took this mixtape as an opportunity to practice DJing live using Serato and my Akai AMX & AFX, and make sure my live shows in Richmond, VA, will be a blast for everyone who comes out when I'm playing.

If you love it, please consider becoming a patron at www.patreon.com/8bitmullet or making a one-time donation using the Donate button on my website to help keep these non-profit mashup albums coming.

The production is made up of modified soundtracks from NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games, acapellas, and additional drums & instrumentation as appropriate. This is a fan creation distributed entirely for free and for the enjoyment of others. No attempt is being made to directly profit from its distribution. Demands by copyright holders for the album to be removed will be obeyed with haste and respect.


released August 19, 2016

Remix/Mashup Artists Included:

Botanic Sage
Skratch Bastid
Safety Words

Video Game Soundtracks Featured:

Animal Crossing
Street Fighter 2: Turbo Edition
The Legend of Zelda
Donkey Kong Country
Gargoyle's Quest
Sonic the Hedgehog
Nintendo Mii Channel
Mario Galaxy




8-Bit Mullet Richmond, Virginia

DJ 8-Bit Mullet is a mashup artist and turntablist with much love for retro video games, TV, and movie themes. His hip-hop & electronic remixes are fresh spins on soundtracks most 80’s or 90’s children know and love.

8-Bit Mullet regularly invites local artists to perform at his private parties in Richmond, VA.

His music is all free and can be downloaded at 8bitmullet.com.
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