RaKim City

by 8-Bit Mullet

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BTW you can download all my music for free at 8bitmullet.com

This Eric B and Rakim remix is a mashup of Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em, Casualties of War, and In the Ghetto with the soundtrack of Sim City for SNES.

This Eric B and Rakim remix was made by request from a fan, friend, and Twitch streaming partner (of mine) named Baker. On Monday nights, he will live stream retro video games on Twitch while I provide the music as the DJ - usually remixes of whatever game he is playing.

He said, "You know what's an overlooked game with a good soundtrack is Sim CIty...you should do something with that soundtrack." So that weekend I commenced to mixing the soundtracks of various levels with different hip-hop tracks in my library from the 80's and 90's.

After a while, a pattern emerged...three songs went particularly well with 5 or 6 of the game's audio tracks (Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em, Casualties of War, and In the Ghetto), and the idea for this Eric B and Rakim remix was born. I love a good pun, so when the name RaKim City came to me, I knew it had to be done.

I admit I did not play Sim City for SNES growing up. I saw it in stores and knew that it was a thing, but since I didn't have a Super Nintendo and had to play it at friends' houses, my game choices were limited to what they happened to have. There are PC versions, to, but I never got into that game.

If you want to hear retro hip-hop mashed together with video games from the same era like I did with this Eric B and Rakim remix, check out 3 other ones I've made: The Humpty Dance remix, a Tribe Called Quest remix, and my Bone Thugs n Harmony remix.


released January 27, 2017
Music & Vocals by: Eric B & Rakim
Instrumentals: Sim City




8-Bit Mullet Richmond, Virginia

DJ 8-Bit Mullet is a mashup artist and turntablist with much love for retro video games, TV, and movie themes. His hip-hop & electronic remixes are fresh spins on soundtracks most 80’s or 90’s children know and love.

8-Bit Mullet regularly invites local artists to perform at his private parties in Richmond, VA.

His music is all free and can be downloaded at 8bitmullet.com.
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